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Male Pattern Baldness in crown/vertex area

I (Male , 38 years, Norwood Grade 5) underwent Hair Transplantation at Saraswat Hospital for anterior and mid scalp area with good growth starting right after 3 months and growing new hairs every month. Eight months after the procedure I felt my Crown Hairs started looking sparse when compared to the rest of hairs.
Dr Saraswat had already given me medical treatment for hair loss and I had opted for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy too. Medicines and PRP helped me in regaining some strength in my hair but I still craved for the better appearance of the crown.
Now Dr Saraswat explained me Scalp Micro pigmentation and I immediately opted for it.
Believe me right after first sitting I could feel the see through appearance of my vertex area has decreased.
By the third sitting I could vouch on the fuller look SMP offered me as I was told before.
I am totally happy now with my appearance and would recommend the same treatment SMP for anyone who has thin hair with a see through appearance of the crown .