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FUT Scar Camouflage

I (Male, 42 years), underwent FUT surgeries twice before with wide and unsightly FUT Scars
I met Dr Saraswat with a history of having undergone FUT surgeries twice in the past, the last one some 3 years back with sparse hair in anterior and mid scalp area and unsightly FUT scars.
Dr Saraswat, after examining my hair with trichoscope and performing the calculations told tailored a treatment plan for me.
Thus I underwent Hair Transplantation for the third time now with grafts from the back of scalp and beard by FUE method which fortunately were adequate enough for my front and midscalp problem.
The FUT scars at the back of my head were still showing.
For this Dr Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics came up with a unique solution of scalp Micropigmentation. Now I can say that they are the best in both Hair Transplant and Scalp micro pigmentation all over the world as how they solved my problems was totally wonderful.
My scars now are no longer visible.
Unless someone touches it and finds it smooth, no body can actually make out that I had a such a scar previously.