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Scalp Micropigmentation- Solution for any hair color

Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair Tattoo is the procedure of making hair tattoos on the scalp so as to give appearance of a head full of minute hair. It decreases the visibility of scalp with the existing hair.

Many skin procedures, for example, laser hair treatment, just work with specific blends of skin tone and hair shading. Similarly, many tattoos tend to change into a reddish or greenish color over time.
Everyone can get SMP done regardless of color of scalp or hair since the color of dots is determined by the color of scalp and existing hairs to match.
Regardless of what your hair or skin shading is, we at SMP India have the capacity to make a strong impact towards disguising your Hair loss.

We have the best experts who are passionate and dedicated enough to give you the best possible results. They have the knowledge and skills to mix the color as per your hair and skin shade.
We make sure that nobody is able to identify whether it is natural or not. Even on a close inspection, it is really difficult to find out where your natural hair ends and scalp pigmentation begins.

We use the most advanced equipments and the latest technology to deliver you with guaranteed flawless results as per your skin and hair tone. Different people have different coloring, so what works for one does not work for other. We will modify our treatment to ensure the color is correct and mixes with your original hair giving a perfect natural look.

At SMP India, We work with a goal to make each patient happy. The team is well experienced and has been a part of many successful cases of Scalp micropigmentation. We will help you restore your confidence and replicate the best out of you. Book an appointment with us to avail the service for scalp micropigmentation.

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