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SMP, or Scalp Micropigmentation, can be explained in general terms as a hair tattoo that gives a “freshly shaved look”. It is used as a permanent solution for hair loss, more commonly on men. In SMP, the scalp is tattooed with tiny dots which resemble a natural buzz cut or a shaved head. This technique is very minimally invasive and requires no recovery time. It is becoming more and more popular in recent times as people have started to prefer this to other treatments like hair transplants.
People with bald heads, or the ones that are suffering from pattern baldness, usually opt for SMP treatment. It can be done on both men and women who are suffering from hair related problems. SMP is a useful remedy for people experiencing:

  • Hair Thinning

  • Receding Hairline

  • Camouflaging scars

Scalp micropigmentation gives an illusion of a full head, with thicker, stronger and denser hair. Most of the cures for hair loss include medications, which give no guarantee of a positive result and hair transplants, which takes too long to show any improvement or results. Therefore, many people are getting attracted towards SMP treatment, which can be used to permanently solve the hair loss issue, requires low maintenance and it shows instant results.
The treatment is performed by an expert, who knows about the correct angle of insertion of the pigment, depth of insertion and the level of insertion. SMP treatment is usually done in over 3 sittings and can take from about half an hour to more than 4 hours. There are no harmful side effects for SMP, but the patient can experience some level of discomfort during the treatment. As long as all the precautions are taken care of during the process, minor side effects of SMP like allergies can be avoided totally.


  • Minimally Invasive

  • Immediate result

  • SMP doesn't wash off

  • Cost effective in comparison to transplant

  • Relatively low maintenance

  • Bespoke treatment
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