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Androgenetic Alopecia in women is known as female pattern baldness that affect women and leads to hair loss. Women lose their hair in a different pattern when compared to men. There is reduction in the volume of hair due to thinning of hair on the scalp. When hair thinning is not only in the front and top of the scalp, but also on the sides and back then they have been the victim of Diffuse unpatterned alopecia (DUPA). The quality of hair found at the back of the scalp is thin, lusture less and may be less pigmented too. Baldness on the crown begins around the whorl (at the back of the head), and spreads outwards every way. It ranges from ordinary hair thickness to a bald crown, which is uncommon and rare. Frontal hair thinning is described by a decrease in the hair density over the crown and frontal scalp, which results in the reduction of hair in the frontal hairline.

Patterned Hair loss in females can manifest in any of the following patterns-
1.Norwood- Hamilton pattern of hair loss as in males though females are luckily never completely devoid of hair. The density of hair just keeps on decreasing.

2.Ludwigs pattern of hair loss in which the top of head gets thinner and thinner.

3.Oleson’s Christmas tree pattern of hair loss in which hair is lost in the shape of a christmas tree with base at the frontal hairline and apex towards the crown.

Research has suggested that mostly females suffer from Christmas tree pattern hair loss followed by Ludwig’s pattern , Norwood-Hamilton pattern hair loss having the least incidence.

Hair loss can be a distressing and humiliating issue in a lady’s life. There are numerous causes that can ascribe to female hair loss including androgenetic alopecia, metabolic problems and reactions because of drugs from disease medicines. Indeed, even forceful hair styling can cause uncovered spots and diminishing hairline. Scalp Micropigmentation is the perfect treatment for a women’s hair loss. Irrespective of your age, shading, or grade of women hair pattern baldness; our Scalp Micropigmentation experts can enable you to accomplish the look you are hunting down. Scalp Micropigmentation can give a perfectly natural look and durable answer for this unbecoming issue by applying regular shades onto the scalp to make the presence of a full and healthy head of hair. For ladies who are encountering uncovered patches or hair diminishing, this is the ideal treatment for you.

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