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Male Pattern Baldness in crown/vertex area

I (Male , 38 years, Norwood Grade 5) underwent Hair Transplantation at Saraswat Hospital for anterior and mid scalp area with good growth starting right after 3 months and growing new hairs every month. Eight months after the procedure I felt my Crown Hairs started looking sparse when compared to the rest of hairs.
Dr Saraswat had already given me medical treatment for hair loss and I had opted for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy too. Medicines and PRP helped me in regaining some strength in my hair but I still craved for the better appearance of the crown.
Now Dr Saraswat explained me Scalp Micro pigmentation and I immediately opted for it.
Believe me right after first sitting I could feel the see through appearance of my vertex area has decreased.
By the third sitting I could vouch on the fuller look SMP offered me as I was told before.
I am totally happy now with my appearance and would recommend the same treatment SMP for anyone who has thin hair with a see through appearance of the crown .

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Adding density , women’s hair loss

I (Female, 32 years), Known case of Hypothyroidism, Diabetes Mellitus (under control by medication)
Suffering for past 10-15 years from extreme visibility of scalp due to very less and thin hair.

Dr Saraswat did a trichoscopic examination of my scalp hair and told me Hair Transplantation will be of no use to me. Since my donor site at the back of the head too had very thin hair Hair Transplantation Procedure could not benefit me.

Then Dr Saraswat offered me Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment which initially I thought opted just because I had no other way of improving my appearance. But after two sittings only I am amazed at the fuller look of my hair and just can’t wait to have one or two more sittings for even better look. Now I can easily pass amongst the crowd without faces turning towards me to see my scanty hair scalp. I am very grateful to SMP and Saraswat Hospital– the best Scalp Micropigmentation Centre in India.

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FUT Scar Camouflage

I (Male, 42 years), underwent FUT surgeries twice before with wide and unsightly FUT Scars
I met Dr Saraswat with a history of having undergone FUT surgeries twice in the past, the last one some 3 years back with sparse hair in anterior and mid scalp area and unsightly FUT scars.
Dr Saraswat, after examining my hair with trichoscope and performing the calculations told tailored a treatment plan for me.
Thus I underwent Hair Transplantation for the third time now with grafts from the back of scalp and beard by FUE method which fortunately were adequate enough for my front and midscalp problem.
The FUT scars at the back of my head were still showing.
For this Dr Saraswat’s Skin and Hair Clinics came up with a unique solution of scalp Micropigmentation. Now I can say that they are the best in both Hair Transplant and Scalp micro pigmentation all over the world as how they solved my problems was totally wonderful.
My scars now are no longer visible.
Unless someone touches it and finds it smooth, no body can actually make out that I had a such a scar previously.

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Scar camouflage

Male, 25 years , Had scar mark on upper lip with loss of hair

I met Dr Saraswat and discussed my treatment possibilities with him.
He suggested me Hair Transplantation in the scar. It sounded good to me and I went ahead with it.
But then……Hairs had to take some 2-3 months to be conspicuous on my scar so that I could feel them covering the bad scar mark. What till then? Wait….? I just couldn’t wait! Now Scalp Micro Pigmentation came to my rescue.
Dr Saraswat did SMP on my scar and Believe me I was spared of the scar. It mingled with the surrounding moustache hair instantly and now I knew I will never hide my face out of complex ever again

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