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Few After Care Tips Related To Scalp Pigmentation

Scalp pigmentation is a relatively new treatment technique in the world of hair fall treatment. The best thing about this treatment is that it is suitable for both men and women and it yields the same result for both the genders. This article will help you know about some after-care tips.

The scalp pigmentation is an elaborate procedure, it takes about 7 to 10 sessions to complete the procedure, depending on the condition of the individual and the total area covered. Introduced first in 2002, over the years, the treatment has come a long way and it has recently gained immense popularity worldwide. The doctors typically recommend a gap of about 4 to 5 days after each session, to help the patients recover from the session. The effective of the procedure greatly depends on how well you adhere to the aftercare tips recommended by the doctor.

It is vital that you follow the instruction correctly to ensure that you get full benefit and that your scalp looks natural and aesthetically beautiful post the completion of the treatment. There are plenty of SMP specialists in India who carry the process, you can compare the scalp pigmentation cost in India of different doctors and choose the one that best suits your needs. The aftercare tips for scalp pigmentation can be broadly divided into short-term care and long-term care. Let us take a look at each of them in detail:

Short-term aftercare

After the first session, you would need some time off to heal before going for the subsequent session. Just like any other medical process, you must not take the scalp pigmentation process lightly and give your body enough time to recover. After the first few sessions, you would notice that scabs are formed on your scalp because of the needles pierced on the skin. At this stage the doctor would recommend you to strictly avoid touching the scalp.

Even though you may feel a slight discomfort or pain and itch resist the temptation to touch the area. This usually happens because of the small wounds that form on the head because of the needle pricking, but there is nothing to worry about, the wounds would heal automatically in three to four days.

Some of the important tips to follow:

  1. After the first session, avoid taking a bath over your head for at least three days
  2. Make sure that you do not indulge in any heavy physical activity that would make you sweat.
  3. If you love to exercise, avoid doing any work out for at least one week after the first session.
  4. Do not bathe with hot water for three to four days and also avoid using shampoo during this period
  5. Several doctors recommend applying moisturizer on the scalp a few times a day to keep your scalp prevented from getting dry
  6. After one week you can take a bath over your head and clean the treated area. At this stage you can use shampoo but make sure that you use a mild shampoo.

Long-term aftercare

It is understandable that you may feel a bit overwhelming to follow the aftercare tips, but make sure that you focus on the output and getting a beautiful natural looking shaved scalp. Even after all the sessions are completed, continue to avoid exposure to direct sunlight and the UV rays from the sun. This will help in preventing the pigments from fading and give you a natural looking scalp for a longer period.

Do not use any hair-care products that may contain alcohol or any other harsh chemicals and it may potentially damage the pigments and spoil the entire looks As the start begins to heal, you may notice a few scabs and dead skin peelings appearing on the scalp. You can clean with an exfoliating cleanser and keep the scalp looking beautiful. No mater, how cheap or expensive scalp pigmentation cost in India treatment you have availed, if you do not follow the aftercare tips, the treatment will render futile.

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