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Question- How long will scalp micropigmentation last?

Answer -After every 2-5 years, the touch up should be planned to maintain a good look. If you may take care correctly then your scalp pigmentation can last for a lifetime. Just protect your scalp from the sun as it can cause sunburn.

Question- What happens when the needle is inserted in your head?

Answer- Needle implants go straight into the epidermis, not reaching the dermis. The skin is made of a blend of cross strands that has a lumen inside the cells. The lumens store ink in the dermis and remain consistent in size and shape.

Question-What is the cost of the treatment?

Answer The cost of the procedure depends upon the area concerned and the number of sittings. Cost of one-third of scalp when done is about 18000/- or 300 U.S. Dollars per sitting. Cost of about two-thirds of scalp when done is about 35000/- or 500 U.S. Dollars per sitting. Cost of full head SMP is about 50000/- or 700 U.S. Dollars per sitting

Question- Does the pigment used in scalp micropigmentation fade or change?

Answer We utilize an exceptionally figured ink that is exclusively made for Scalp Micropigmentation — it isn't tattoo ink. Thus, there is no danger of the shade turning blue or green.

Question-What exactly is scalp micropigmentation?

Answer- Scalp Micropigmentation is a non-invasive treatment that utilizes needles to deposit ink into the scalp. The outcome restore the appearance of modest hair follicles and reestablish the look of more full hair